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Why You Shouldn't Ignore Colon Cancer Symptoms

February 26, 2015


Colorectal cancer is often treatable when found in its earliest stages. This is why paying attention to warning signs and getting a colon cancer screening are so important.

This video highlights the impact of early colorectal cancer treatment and shares Alyson’s story. Alyson had lost her mother to colorectal cancer just three months after getting the diagnosis. She too had been experiencing unusual symptoms such as chronic indigestion and bloody bowel movements. After her mother’s death, Alyson decided to undergo a colon cancer screening, which revealed the presence of a large polyp, the precursor to colorectal cancer. Alyson’s polyp contained cancerous cells, and she began colorectal cancer treatment, which saved her life.

Colorectal Surgical Associates offers colon cancer screenings for individuals residing in the greater Houston region. To make an appointment, call us at (713) 469-3256.

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