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Spotting the Warning Signs of Ulcerative Colitis

February 13, 2015

A healthy digestive system can extract nutrients from the foods you eat and painlessly eliminate the materials it does not need. If every meal you enjoy comes with hours of abdominal discomfort, though, your digestive tract may be afflicted by chronic inflammation that can impact your overall health. When this inflammation occurs specifically in the colon, it could signal ulcerative colitis.

Abdominal Discomfort

Perhaps the most prevalent warning sign of ulcerative colitis is pain in the lower abdominal region. This condition causes the body’s immune system to attack the lining of the large intestine, which can then suffer from lesions. The combination of inflammation and wound formation can create ongoing discomfort for sufferers. Some people with ulcerative colitis might experience cramping sensations as well.

Loose Bowel Movements

Illness, food poisoning, stress, and other common conditions often cause loose bowel movements. However, when you experience chronically runny bowel movements, you may want to consult a colon doctor. Because ulcerative colitis triggers inflammation in the large intestine, it prevents this organ from being able to form more compact stool. As a result, sufferers tend to have loose bowel movements, which may also appear bloody in some instances.

Chronic Exhaustion

One job of the digestive system is to remove the minerals and vitamins that the body needs to properly function. When it cannot perform this task, the rest of the body may suffer. Especially when the body experiences chronically low levels of blood glucose, the substance that provides cells with energy, frequent exhaustion can result. So if you often feel lethargic despite your best efforts to eat healthily and sleep adequately, see a colon doctor for help.

Are you experiencing any of these warning signs of ulcerative colitis? If so, talk to the colon experts at Colorectal Surgical Associates. Call our Houston office today at (713) 469-3256 to set up an appointment or visit our website for more information on our ulcerative colitis treatment options.

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