Meet Tommy Gilbreath

I never expected to hear “you have colon cancer” at 82 years of age.  It was quite shocking and a whirlwind of tests and procedures before two weeks flew by and then my surgery.  My wife and I choose to be upbeat and positive and do everything Dr. Haas and his team asked of me/us.  When I returned home on October 23, 2017 I could not even walk around the block I was so weak from the hospital stay.  But I persevered and walked every few hours, resting/napping in-between walks until I built my strength up to walking 2 miles a day.  January 2018 my wife and I signed up with 24 Hour Fitness-Galleria on Richmond Ave. Houston TX and each started working out with a trainer 2X per week and walking the rest of the week.  No one pushed us but we all slowly worked on building strength and endurance and now, as at June 2018, I have surpassed my expectations of where I would be today.  I know I have been given an opportunity to live the rest of my life healthy and strong and to have more time with my family and friends.  But having a positive attitude certainly is and was a huge factor when faced with the uncertainty we all feel with a cancer diagnosis.  I look forward to my training sessions and always feel on top of the world after completing them.  This is a quote from my trainer, Brian Ingraham “Tommy is one of the hardest working clients I have ever seen. It is truly incredible how far he has come.  He is determined and driven to be the best that he can be.  He is truly an inspiration with his work ethic and positive outlook.  I am honored to be his trainer.”  The Manager of 24 Hour Fitness took the pictures during one of my workout sessions as they would like to encourage everyone to JUST SHOW UP and you are half way there!!



Tommy Gilbreath