Meet Douglas Bennett

We were faced with an unimaginable diagnosis of the “C” word back in August 2014, something that you never want to hear. We never mentioned the “C” because we wanted only to speak about CURE, HEALING and not mention that word. It is ok to cry together or by yourself and know it is ok to do that. Educate yourself, ask questions as much as you can about YOUR particular “C”.  If something does not sound right then trust that feeling. It is a process and I can assure you that there are days that are not easy.

One thing for sure is find a good doctor that is knowledgeable in that type of surgery and can meet your needs. And we did just that! We were directed to Dr. Haas. We were so overwhelmed at first with the diagnosis but he and his staff did their absolute best to ease our fears!

We were given options and our suggestions were taken into consideration as well. It was about being a team player! Ask questions and that we did! If we called, the staff was very polite and courteous. We never had to wait very long in his office. They were very patient with all our questions, took the time to answer them and we felt like family. The surgery took place on September 30, 2014 and even though it took longer than expected we were given updates about what was going on from Memorial Hermann staff and most importantly Dr. Eric Hass and his team.
They explained everything before, during and after the surgery in great detail and at a time like that it is very stressful and that is important.

Although we have gone through a VERY traumatic, life changing experience the end result has been nothing short of amazing! We are forever grateful!
Dr. Haas also came out and told us that Doug needs to know that the Cancer is gone and that is what he needs to focus on. Dr. Haas and his staff put our mind at ease and we were very impressed that with a surgery as major as this it was like their everyday job. We felt like we went to the best of the best! So if you ever are faced with the diagnosis of colorectal cancer then don’t hesitate for one minute to let these amazing doctors perform your surgery. The robotic assisted technology expertise that they have and are knowledgeable in is nothing short of astonishing! So as of this day The “C” word will not be mentioned in our home!

We are so grateful for Dr. Eric Haas and his staff. We know God is our healer and He used the hands of these amazing doctors to do His work. And we know He is well able to complete the healing that He has started in Doug’s body.We pray you or your family never have to face the “C” word. But if you do, pray about it, ask God for guidance, don’t lose hope, surround yourself with a good support system Family, friends (whatever your support system looks like), and a good church home.