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Treatment options for different types of Hemorrhoids

December 17, 2010

Suffering from hemorrhoids can be really painful and uncomfortable as you have to suffer with itching, pain and bleeding in the anal region, along with discomfort while passing bowel movements. This is why those suffering from hemorrhoids are always looking for the right and perfect treatment option to treat their condition.

Treatment of hemorrhoids basically concentrates at providing relief from the symptoms of hemorrhoids, and includes:

1. Taking a warm or sitz bath several times a day for ten minutes in warm water.

2. Using ice packs, petroleum jelly, hemorrhoid cream, cortisone creams and suppositories to reduce swelling and provide relief in the affected region.

3. Wearing more of loose clothing and cotton underwear and taking aspirin or acetaminophen.

4. Using moist toilet paper or pads to gently pat and clean the anus after bowel movements.

If your hemorrhoids condition does not response to these self-care measures, you can try these other treatment options.

Treatment of internal hemorrhoids includes:

1. Rubber band ligation where a small rubber band is placed at the base of the hemorrhoids to cut off blood supply to the hemorrhoid, and make it shrivel up and fall off after a week.

2. Infrared photocoagulation where an infrared light is used to clot the hemorrhoid dilated veins to make the hemorrhoid shrink.

3. Laser coagulation where an electric current is applied to the hemorrhoids through an electrode probe to trigger a chemical reaction which shuts off blood supply to the hemorrhoids. This in turn leads to the shrinking of inflamed tissue.

4. Injection sclerotherapy where a chemical solution is injected into the mucous membrane near the hemorrhoid. This causes inflammation and closes the anal veins, to help shrink the hemorrhoids.

5. Hemorhoidectomy involves the surgical supreme removal of hemorrhoid groups in the anal canal using a scalpel, laser or cautery device.

In case of external hemorrhoids, laser coagulation, infrared photocoagulation and hemorrhoidectomy are usually used for its treatment.

Prolapsed hemorrhoids are best treated using a hemorrhoidectomy while thrombosed external hemorrhoids are best treated using a hemorrhoidectomy or by draining the hemorrhoid.

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