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Overcoming pelvic floor dysfunction

February 14, 2011

The pelvic floor consists of pelvic muscles that wrap the base of  the rectum, bladder and uterus. They also provide support to the internal organs like uterus and ovary. When a Houston person suffers from pelvic floor dysfunction, the pelvic floor of the person does not work properly.

Pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms include the person finding it difficult to eliminate stools. In fact, whenever they have bowel movements, no matter how much they strain, there is not much success. There is nothing much to worry about pelvic floor dysfunction as the condition is easily treated.

Treatment options

Overcoming pelvic floor dysfunction is best done by following a fiber rich diet. Add as much fiber or roughage to your diet to assist with the easy elimination of wastes from your body. Taking probiotics is also not a bad idea s it helps digest food in the colon. So make it a point to consume a daily dose of good bacteria to help break down stools.

There are various over the counter stool softeners and Houston laxatives that help to overcome pelvic floor dysfunction. For those who are not keen on taking medications for constipation, enema with plain water is just as effective.

Kegel exercises

There are exercises that help retrain the pelvic floor. These exercises are called Kegel exercises and basically work at contracting and de-contracting the pelvic floor muscles, like stopping the flow of urine midway while passing urine. However the exercise should never be practiced while one is actually passing urine.

The specialty of these exercises is that they can be done anytime, anywhere. It can be done while watching television, while cooking and even while driving the car in Houston. You will find that these Kegel exercises are really helpful in overcoming pelvic floor dysfunction as it effectively helps firm the dysfunctional pelvic muscles.