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Colon cancer symptoms to look out for

February 2, 2011

It is true that colon cancer is a major health problem that can lead to possible death. It is a life threatening disease that usually attacks those over fifty years of age. However with the right precautions and early detection of colon cancer symptoms, it is possible to survive from this disease.

To prevent colon cancer, you have to keep a lookout for the following colon cancer symptoms. You have to look out for changes in your bowel movements. Of course, isolated changes are not significant or anything to worry about. However if you find that there are major changes to your regular bowel movements, it is better to consult your doctor.


Symptoms and signs of colon cancer include inexplicable diarrhea or constipation. As mentioned above, irregular diarrhea or constipation attacks is okay; however attacks for unknown reasons are best investigated.

If you find that your bowels are not totally emptied out when you move your bowels, it could be a sign for colon cancer. Even blood in the stools which is bright red or very dark in color is a dangerous and possible sign for colon cancer.

Repeated pain in the abdomen, bloating, cramping and vomiting along with loss of weight without much effort from your part are all possible signs and symptoms of colon cancer. Some people also feel more lethargic and tired when they suffer from colon cancer; so beware of this colon cancer symptom.

Have an examination done

Of course, just because you suffer from any one of these symptoms, it does not indicate you suffer from colon cancer. It is only if these symptoms repeat itself, and lead to some sense of concern that you have to get yourself diagnosed by your doctor.

Remember that the signs and symptoms of colon cancer don’t manifest themselves in your body overnight. In fact, you may have contracted the disease without your actually knowing it as the signs of colon cancer become prominent only over some time of contracting the disease.

It is only with a consultation with your doctor, and through different tests like a colonoscopy will it be possible for anyone to diagnose if you suffer from any colon cancer symptoms or colon cancer itself.