Obstructive Defecation Syndrome


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  • Chronic constipation can sometimes manifest as obstructed defecation syndrome. This problem affects about 7% of the adult population, being the elderly and women the groups more commonly affected. The obstructed defecation syndrome results from a dysfunction of the muscles that take part in the defecation process. Another cause of the syndrome is an anatomical abnormality of the organs contained in the pelvis area. This problem is suspected when the defecation becomes more difficult over time or when the bowel movements get thinner and sometimes painful. Other complaints include incomplete evacuation, discharge with mucous and/or blood. The medical treatment for the obstructed defecation syndrome includes gentle dilation, bulk agents, and biofeedback therapy. When the obstruction is severe, surgical intervention is recommended. The basics of the surgical procedure are to remove the part of the obstructed anus to replace it with a healthy portion of remaining rectum. The prognosis for obstructed defecation syndrome is excellent when the affected tissue is removed and proper biofeedback therapy is followed.

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