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Identifying and treating anal warts

February 28, 2011

Anal warts are warts found in the anal region. They are also called genital warts and form not only in the anus, but may also grow in the penis, scrotum, vagina or labia. These warts are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) and are transmitted sexually. Anal warts are not a worry as treatment of warts is possible, with a first accurate diagnosis.

A self examination with your fingertips is required to identify the hard bumps or growths of anal warts. As some people with HPV may not develop warts for many years, it is necessary to check yourself regularly if you have anal or unprotected sex.

Consult your Houston colon doctor

Sometimes, what was thought to be a wart may be a mole, ingrown hair, a pimple or some other benign growth. So use a small mirror to confirm if the growth you feel is a genital wart. It is also better to approach your Houston colon doctor for a proper diagnosis if you have any doubts.

This is especially important for abnormal growths that do not improve, grow small or disappear. In fact, if the growth grows larger or is more prominent, you have to immediately visit your Houston colon doctor for a complete diagnosis.

Keep a constant watch on abnormal growths. Growths with a cauliflower texture, with white or light skin color and which group together with other similar growths is most probably anal warts or genital warts and should be diagnosed and treated by a Houston colon doctor immediately.

Treatment for genital warts

As HPV is very infectious, treatment of anal warts is very important and should be done immediately to prevent its spreading to your partner. Your Houston colon doctor will cut off the anal warts. This is the best treatment if the anal warts are small and diagnosed early.

Another treatment option for warts is topical drug prescriptions your Houston doctor will prescribe. Some medications minimize the warts and burn them slightly using acid. However if the warts are in the anus, creams will have to be applied by your Houston doctor.

Houston colon doctors may also use electrodesiccaton to destroy the warts using an electric current. They may also use infrared coagulation therapy – a newer therapy that has been shown to be very effective against HPV-related warts.

The Houston colorectal surgeons at Colorectal Surgical Associates are expert in treating all manner of afflictions of the anus, including anal warts.   Researchers for the prestigious Texas Medical Center Houston, the vigilance of these colon surgeons in Houston ensures their patients receive the best treatment for colorectal disorders, including rectal and colon cancer.