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  • While we do not know the exact cause of most colorectal cancer, there are certain known risk factors that increases a person’s chance of getting the disease.

    • Age: Though colorectal cancer may occur at any age, more than 90% of the patients are over age 50, at which point the risk doubles every ten years.
    • Having a history of polyps: Some types of polyps increase the risk of colorectal cancer, especially if they are large or if there are many of them.
    • Having a history of inflammatory bowel disease: Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease increase the risk of colon cancer. In these diseases, the colon is inflamed over a long period of time and there may be ulcers in its lining.
    • Family history of colorectal cancer: If you have close relatives who have had this cancer, your risk is increased. This is especially true if the family member got the cancer before age 60.
    • Diabetes: People with diabetes have a 30% to 40% increased chance of getting colorectal cancer.
    • Ethnic background and Race: Jews of Eastern European descent (Ashkenazi Jews) have a higher rate of colon cancer as do African Americans. The reason for this is not known.
    • Smoking: Most people know that smoking causes lung cancer, but recent studies show that smokers are 30% to 40% more likely than nonsmokers to die of colorectal cancer.
    • Other factors: Lack of exercise, Obesity, Heavy Alcohol use and High-fat diet.

    Colon Cancer Facts and Figures.

    • Both men and women are at risk.
    • Ninety-three percent of cases occur in people aged 50 and older.
    • The risk of developing colon cancer increases with age.
    • In the United States someone will be diagnosed every four minutes.
    • One out of 18 people in the United States will develop colon cancer in their lifetime.

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